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Les oeuvres sont les disques originaux qu'un artiste compose. Chaque oeuvre possède des caractéristiques bien précises, telles que l'année de parution, le label, ... Voici une sélection d'oeuvres Psychedelic Rock.
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Diiv - Is the Is AreAcid King - ZoroasterThe Brian Jonestown Massacre - ...And This Is Our MusicT. Rex - Electric WarriorThe Incredible String Band - The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the OnionThe Brian Jonestown Massacre - AufhebenAcid King - IIIThe Brian Jonestown Massacre - My Bloody UndergroundT. Rex - My People Were Fair and Had Sky in Their Hair... But Now TheyT. Rex - Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrowthe Doors - In ConcertT. Rex - BolanT. Rex - UnicornT. Rex - A Beard of StarsThe Brian Jonestown Massacre - Spacegirl and Other FavoritesPurson - DesireThe Brian Jonestown Massacre - Bravery, Repetition, and NoiseThe Incredible String Band - Hard Rope and Silken TwineThe Incredible String Band - No Ruinous FeudThe Incredible String Band - Be Glad for the Song Has No EndingThe Incredible String Band - The HangmanAcid King - Busse WoodsThe Brian Jonestown Massacre - Give It Back!The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Who Killed Sgt. Pepper?The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Methodronethe Doors - Absolutely LiveT. Rex - Bolan BoogieT. Rex - TanxThe Brian Jonestown Massacre - Revelationthe Doors - Other VoicesThe Brian Jonestown Massacre - Their Satanic MajestiesT. Rex - Futuristic DragonT. Rex - T. Rexthe Doors - The Best of The DoorsThe Incredible String Band - I Looked UpT. Rex - Dandy in the UnderworldThe Brian Jonestown Massacre - Strung Out in Heaventhe Doors - Full Circlethe Doors - Strange DaysThe Incredible String Band - Earthspanthe Doors - The Very Best of The Doorsthe Doors - The Best of The DoorsThe Incredible String Band - The Big HugeThe Incredible String Band - Liquid Acrobat as Regards the AirThe Incredible String Band - Wee Tam & The Big HugeT. Rex - The Sliderthe Doors - Morrison HotelThe Brian Jonestown Massacre - Thank God for Mental IllnessThe Brian Jonestown Massacre - Take It From the Man!The Incredible String Band - Wee TamThe Incredible String Band - Changing HorsesThe Incredible String Band - The Incredible String BandPurson - The Circle and the Blue Doorthe Doors - Alive She Criedthe Doors - The Doorsthe Doors - Waiting for the Sunthe Doors - The Soft Paradethe Doors - Legacy: The Absolute Bestgrateful dead - Wake of the Floodthe jimi hendrix experience - Electric Ladylandiron butterfly - Heavylove - Forever Changeslove - Lovecream - Wheels of Firejefferson airplane - Surrealistic Pillowsyd barrett - Opelthe byrds - Sweetheart of the Rodeosyd barrett - The Madcap Laughsjefferson airplane - Barkcream - Disraeli Gearsthe byrds - Byrdmaniaxgrateful dead - Live/Deadiron butterfly - Metamorphosisthe byrds - The Notorious Byrd Brothersjefferson airplane - After Bathing at Baxterthe byrds - Ballad of Easy Riderjefferson airplane - Jefferson Airplane Takes Offthe byrds - Turn! Turn! Turn!grateful dead - American Beautysmall faces - There Are But Four Small Facesgrateful dead - Dozingrateful dead - From the Mars Hoteljefferson airplane - Crown of Creationthe jimi hendrix experience - Axis: Bold as Loveiron butterfly - Balllove - Four Sailthe byrds - Mr. Tambourine Manthe jimi hendrix experience - Are You Experiencedjefferson airplane - Long John Silversmall faces - Ogdensgrateful dead - Infrared Roseslove - Da Capograteful dead - Aoxomoxoathe jimi hendrix experience - The Jimi Hendrix Experiencejefferson airplane - Jefferson Airplanesyd barrett - Barrettthe byrds - Younger Than Yesterdayiron butterfly - Scorching Beautysmall faces - The Autumn Stonethe byrds - Fifth Dimensionjefferson airplane - Volunteersthe jimi hendrix experience - The Last Experiencegrateful dead - Workingmancream - Fresh Cream