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Les oeuvres sont les disques originaux qu'un artiste compose. Chaque oeuvre possède des caractéristiques bien précises, telles que l'année de parution, le label, ... Voici une sélection d'oeuvres Doom Metal.
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Orange Goblin - Time Travelling BluesOrange Goblin - Thieving From the House of GodYOB - AtmaYOB - The Great CessationOrange Goblin - Coup de GraceOrange Goblin - The Wolf Bites BackYOB - Our Raw HeartOrange Goblin - Back From the AbyssOrange Goblin - Frequencies From Planet TenYOB - CatharsisOrange Goblin - Healing Through FireOrange Goblin - A Eulogy for the DamnedYOB - Clearing the Path to AscendOrange Goblin - The Big Blackmy dying bride - Feel the Miserymy dying bride - Songs of Darkness, Words of Lightmy dying bride - For Lies I Siremy dying bride - Turn Loose the Swansmy dying bride - Evintamy dying bride - The Angel and the Dark Rivermy dying bride - 34.788%... Completemy dying bride - The Dreadful Hoursmy dying bride - A Line of Deathless Kingsmy dying bride - As the Flower Withersmy dying bride - The Light at the End of the Worldmy dying bride - A Map of All Our Failuresmy dying bride - Like Gods of the Sun